Gerhpe Bio

Gerhson J Pernia (Gerhpe) Known in the artistic world as Gerhpe. Plastic artist with more than 30 years of experience specialized in oil and acrylic on canvas with styles that range from the Abstract as the impressionism that with the technique of brushes and spatulas captures a very particular art of vibrant colors and a movement that is felt in each artwork. Fans of his art are excited to contemplate the different explosions of colors that captivate them and take pride in having a work in their homes which fill them with motivation every day. Many of his fans express the satisfaction of having a Gerhpe work expressing energy, who have acquired a Gerhpe work love the nature that with Gerhpe’s strength and energy in the sunsets as well as on sailboats that in the middle of a storm or a placid sea bathed in a special light and tropical colors make them appreciate their work more and more. When a spectator discovers the images that Gerhpe captures in his impressionist art, it represents a delight for the artist to see in his eyes the surprise of that discovery. Gerhson Pernia was born in Venezuela in 1966 graduated in the school of Plastic Arts of San Cristobal, also graduated from law school and now presents his artwork in the USA.


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